Hi there, UKrudegirl (or Rudie as some call me) here. W elcome to my new home in the English village of Much Bonking-on-the-Wold. Parts of the village are still under construction so are not yet open to the public however the bits that are you are quite welcome to look at !!!

The main forum can be found here 'Much Bonking-on-the-Wold' is our new home for Sexual Adventurers - outrageous - humourous - sexy and very very rude !!! A small rural village nestling in the rolling English countryside ... typically English, but with some very rude twists !!! It can be found by clicking on the link ... come along and join me, my rude sisters and friends and follow our continually unfolding sexual adventures as we swing, flash, go dogging, play games and organise wild sex parties ... all in real life !!!

I had also established a 'not so rude' community on MSN ... the village of Lower Bonking-in-the-Marsh.' Sadly Lower Bonking was closed by MSN following a complaint made to them that Lower Bonking contained links to 'porn' sites. Despite my best efforts to pursuade MSN to change their mind Lower Bonking remained closed and I fear is lost as an MSN group. The closure of Lower Bonking and the continued pressure from the 'moral right' (you know ... those people who want to 'clean up the net' by removing all references to sex whilst still supporting wars and repression of anyone who doesn't agree with their narrow philosophy) to control the free hosters such as MSN, Google, Yahoo etc., has simply resulted in me taking out server space on an independent platform for Much Bonking on the grounds that I will not be bullied by a bunch of neurotic tight arsed prudes who in the name of some 'invisible friend' cause so much misery to so many people !!!

The constant threats of closure of 'free hosted web communities' led me to create a back up group on Yahoo called 'UKrudegirl.' Essentially this is more of a 'fall back' group so that if the other groups fall over all our wonderful Sexual Adventurers can maintain the precious contacts that they have made with each other.

For those of you who don't know me ... yet ... here is a little insight into my internet background !!!

I was something of a latecomer to the internet ... in fact it was the summer of 2001 when I got a 'puter and went on line !!! A friend introduced me to the somewhat dubious 'joys' of MSN communities and helped me set up 'UKrudegirl' as a means of extending my outdoor 'dogging' adventures !!! I had looked at other communities and thought that I might get a small group of members to share my fun with ... within 12 months that group had become far more popular than I had imagined ... covering not only 'dogging' but also swinging, exhibitionism, BDSM, voyeurism, watersports, object insertions, anal, oral, bukkake (cum showers), gangbangs and several other fun filled fetish frolics ... with a membership numbering thousands world wide as more and more 'rude' people discovered it !!!

So there we were ... all having a good time when suddenly ... in October 2002 ... MSN decided that the group was just too 'rude' for them to continue providing a service for ... and closed it down !!! I felt this was grossly unfair and so created 'UKrudegirl1' with all the material from the original group plus new stuff ... and MSN again closed me down a few weeks later ... again with no warning !!! I was hopping mad I can tell you ... hours and hours of work down the toilet !!!

I have never been one to give up easily and so I created yet another MSN group ... only this time I 'modified' much of it to try to avoid being closed again ... however in doing so I had to 'tone down' so much of the content that the whole thing was in danger of landing me with the name of 'UKslightlyrudegirl' ... and that is most definitely not my style !!!

I was faced with a stark choice ... stay rude and endure repeated and unpredictable closure of my MSN group or pay to open up an independent Private Adult Community where I could be as outrageous as I liked, when I liked, with whom I liked and where I liked !!!

I wrestled with this problem for several months ... listened to lots of advice ... did some costings and finally decided to 'stay rude' ... take the plunge with UKrudegirl.com simply because it is the only way I feel I can do all the things I want to and provide the level of quality and member service which I feel a site that I run should offer !!! Thus has Much Bonking been born. Highly interactive, fully amateur and all original content presented in a 'professional' manner without any sharp practice, rip offs, pop ups, rediallers, spammers or any of the other lowlife that tend to inhabit the underbelly of the internet !!!

Love n stuff


UKrudegirl and Much Bonking-on-the-Wold is copyright © of UKRG 2001